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Joseph Lance Tonlet


So this is my little (twisted) corner of the interweb. No, seriously, just about anywhere else you click is NSFW. *grins*

You'll find my books under 'Book links'. Both my first novel, Grif's Toy, and my second release, a novelette titled Brothers LaFon, are now available. My Third book, Quillon's Covert, was witten in colaboration with the amazingly talented Louis Stevens, and was released December 18th, 2015. While Wes' Denial, the sequel to Grif's Toy, is slated for release this year.

The ''NSFW Blog" link leads to my VERY adult and personal musings (and naughty pictures) - most of which revolve around sex and my enthusiasm for/experinces with Tease-n-Denial and Male Chastity.

The Blog link contains information and posts relating to writing and books. I'd consider it PG13 *wink*

Under the 'Connect' you'll find E-Mail, Facebook, Pinterest, Goodreads, Twitter, Tumblr, etc. Hit me up, I'd love to hear from you! (Again, Twitter and Tumblr contain VERY adult-oriented material.)

Thanks so much for dropping by.

JLT =)


HomeAboutBook LinksConnectShoppeBlogBlog (NSFW)